Framework for developing the future force.

Establish a sound conceptual foundation for Army modernization.
Conduct rigorous experiments, wargames, and assessments to learn in a focused, sustained, and collaborative manner.
Focus prioritized efforts on first-order military challenges.
Deliver integrated DOTMLPF-P solutions to improve combat effectiveness of the current and future force.

The U.S. Army in Multi-Domain Operations 2028 Advance Summary

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Robotic Complex Breachers

Last month the US Army Joint Modernization Command, joined by the US Marine Corps’ Warfighting Laboratory and the British Army’s 1st Armoured Infantry Brigade, turned talk of using robots to breach major obstacles into action. Using a training ground in Grafenwoehr, Germany, as their battlefield laboratory, the collected groups experimented with one solution to the challenge of Soldiers besting an obstacle while under enemy attack. The aim of this project was developing robotic and autonomous systems replacements for some of the most dangerous warfighter activities our Soldiers face: gathering information while under fire, moving through obscuration (e.g. smoke), and creating the initial entry across an obstacle. Using the UK’s Terrier as the main vehicle, and with no humans inside, one of the test points for the unit was conquering a trench that could stop an Abrams tank on its tracks. As can be seen in the video above, the experiment was very successful.

The development team’s initial directive was to create an unmanned system capable of ensuring our Soldiers, and our Allies’ Soldiers, could perform vital tasks while remaining safely “behind the scenes” while the robotic vehicle moved into the danger zone. The success of this experiment is another victory for American and Allied combat development that ensures progress for similar projects designed to empower our Soldiers when in harm’s way.

Check back for updates on similar and ongoing projects!

TRAC Wargaming

In June, our Army’s analytic community completed the second portion of a two-event wargaming exchange with the Centre d’Analyse Technico-Opérationnel de Défense (CATOD) in Paris, France.

This past March, TRADOC Analysis Center (TRAC) hosted the French team while conducting the first wargame of the exchange. That event focused on the US-techniques and approaches; The insights gained were briefed up through the French Army senior leaders last spring at the US-FR International Exchange Symposium in Paris, FR. This June, the focus flipped to the French Army’s analytic techniques and methods, models, tools, and approaches. The French wargame garnered a lot of attention from French distinguished visitors; several representatives from the French Navy and Air Force and, specifically, the Major General who is the Deputy to the French Army Procurement Agency. These distinguished visitors praised the wargame in France and the ongoing collaboration efforts between the two armies.

These are just two events of several TRAC conducts with our allies through international exchange agreements and exchanges. These collaborations included sharing of analytic techniques, wargaming approaches, and the sharing of understanding of concept and the development of abilities – through training and technology- within our respective countries. The Liaison Officers from our allied nations are always of a tremendous help throughout these events and are relied upon to share insights within the allied community.

The insights and final report are underway and will be shared with the community on our website with links sent via social media, once completed. This collaboration effort continues to strengthen our partnerships with our allies and contributes to the on-going effort focused on our ability to work together seemlessly.


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International Army Programs

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TRADOC FLOs visit Naval Weapons Station ...

TRADOC FLOs participated in a professional development session by visiting Naval Weapons Station (WPNSTA) Yorktown, 28 Sep 18. WPNSTA provided information on how the command provides support on explosive ordnance storage, maintenance, research and development, expeditionary logistics training and operations, and warfare training for Sailors, Marines, and other Serv [ Read more... ]

2018 International Reception

GEN and Mrs. Stephen Townsend hosted the annual International Reception on 31 May 2018. The International Reception is a highlight of the TRADOC social calendar, and provides our assigned Foreign Liaison Officers (FLO) an opportunity to not only promote their country in a general sense, but also to engage the TRADOC community in a relaxed setting to strengthen ties. [ Read more... ]

HQ TRADOC Foreign Liaison Officer (FLO) ...

HQ TRADOC Foreign Liaison Officer (FLO) Professional Development visit to USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72), Norfolk Naval Base, 18 June 2018. USS Lincoln is America's fifth Nimitz-class aircraft carrier and named in honor of our nation's 16th president. It is the second ship in the U.S. Navy to bear his name. [ Read more... ]

Unified Quest

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Operationalizing AI in support of MDO

One of the key tasks throughout the FY19 study year is to operationalize artificial intelligence (AI) in support of Multi-Domain Operations (MDO). Subject matter experts will be embedded in each event to determine the key AI tasks that support the ISR-strike, C2 and sustainment processes, and to define and describe AI solutions that perform operational tasks in time and bat [...]

Unified Quest 2018 Robotic and Autonomou ...

The Army Capabilities Integration Center's (ARCIC) Future Warfare Division conducted the Unified Quest 2018 Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) Application Workshop from 5-9 March 2018, at Fort Eustis, Va. Participants in the event included multinational partners, leaders within ARCIC, and RAS subject matter experts from both the research and development community and the [...]

How the Army Fights IV Seminar

ARCIC hosted the How the Army Fights IV (HTAF IV) Senior Leader Seminar on Aug. 2, 2017 at Ft. Eustis, VA as part of the TRADOC Commander's Forum; all Center of Excellence Commanding Generals and Directors of Capabilities Development and Integration Directorates (CDIDs) took part in the wargame. The preparatory main learning event, the Council of Colonels seminar wargame, [...]


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