International Army Programs

In the Spotlight

TRADOC FLOs visit 25th Infantry Division

TRADOC Foreign Officer Liaison Officers (FLO) participated in a professional development opportunity by visiting the commands assigned to INDOPACOM the week of 15 Oct 18. FLOs visited the 25th Infantry Division, Marine Corp Base-Kaneohe, US Army Pacific, Defense POW/KIA Accounting Agency, Pacific Air Forces Air Operations Center, US Army 5th Battlefield Coordination Detachment, HQ INDOPACOM, and Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Strategic Studies. Each engagement centered on the organization's roles/mission, importance of interoperability, partner/allies integration, and how Multi-Domain Operations concepts and capabilities are incorporated in INDOPACOM's area of operation.

TRADOC FLOs visit Naval Weapons Station Yorktown

<p> TRADOC FLOs participated in a professional development session by visiting Naval Weapons Station (WPNSTA) Yorktown, 28 Sep 18. WPNSTA provided information on how the command provides support on explosiv [ Read more... ]

2018 International Reception

<p>GEN and Mrs. Stephen Townsend hosted the annual International Reception on 31 May 2018. The International Reception is a highlight of the TRADOC social calendar, and provides our assigned Foreign Liaison Office [ Read more... ]


IAPD manages and coordinates TRADOC international activities to synchronize the exchange of DOTMLPF-P information with Army Service Component Command (ASCC) priority countries, including allies and treaty partners, in order to enhance current and future operational capabilities; increase interoperability; and build partnerships.


The International Army Programs Directorate (IAPD) is responsible for Title 10 Security Cooperation Activities and the guiding annual TRADOC Campaign Support Plan. IAPD directs TRADOC's OCONUS Liaison Officer Program covering 11 allied nations and 5 Army Service Component Commands (ASCC). Additionally, IAPD manages TRADOC's Military Personnel Exchange and Foreign Liaison Officer (FLO) Programs. There are 78 FLOs from 17 countries assigned to HQ TRADOC, the Centers of Excellence, and their Branch Schools. IAPD also programs, plans, coordinates, and executes TRADOC support to ASCC Theater Security Cooperation Plans, Army-Army and TRADOC level bilateral staff talks, and distinguished foreign visits. Lastly, IAPD provides opportunities to integrate and expand bilateral partner nation and alliance contributions to ARCIC's concepts and capabilities development activities in order to strengthen coalition capabilities.

Key Initiatives

IAPD's efforts in completing the Building Partner Capacity Concept (TRADOC PAM 525-8-4) and Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA) established the foundation for the recently approved "Engagement" Warfighting Function (WfF) being led by US Army Special Operations Command. The directorate will continue to represent the Building Partnerships Joint Capability Area to integrate security cooperation related required capabilities, gaps, and solutions into the Army's Capabilities Needs Analysis process until the Engagement WfF CBA is complete. IAPD will also facilitate several efforts focused on interoperability to include:

  • Partner participation in future Network Integration Evaluations and Army Warfighting Assessments
  • Partner participation in the Decisive Action Training Environment
  • Foreign Liaison Officer Interoperability Council


Mr. Edward Melton


International Operations Division

Executes a range of military-to-military activities, to include TRADOC senior leader foreign travel, visits, conferences, and exchanges.

Liaison and Exchange Division

Manages the TRADOC International Engagement Strategy. Manages the TRADOC Liaison Officer and Foreign Liaison Officer Programs.