ARCIC Plans and Operations


Coordinate and synchronize Force 2025 and Beyond (F2025B) development activities, from concept to capabilities, across the ARCIC and the Army to develop and deliver solutions for Army future force.


COL Rafael Lopez

Plans Division

Lead ARCIC and support TRADOC, Army and Joint activities for capabilities development policy and planning. Synchronize, prioritize, track and analyze the Campaign of Learning (CoL) to facilitate an increased rate of adaptation and innovation in developing the Future Army.

Plans & Assessments Branch

Lead ARCIC short- and long-range planning and assessment efforts.

Policy Branch

Develops, synchronizes, and promulgates TRADOC policies and guides for concept development, requirements (capabilities) determination, and capabilities integration.

Maneuvers Branch

Coordinate and prioritize learning events across the Community of Practice to affect efficient and effective resource (people, equipment, facilities, funding, and time) management, adherence to CSA mission and intent, and safeguard applicability and relevance of efforts to TRADOC lines of effort, Army warfighting challenges, and their associated learning demands.

Operations Division

Synchronize ARCIC events and activities with external agencies to facilitate the concepts to capabilities process to develop the future force. Plan and conduct the Force 2025 and Beyond (F2025B) Governance process and outreach program to enable decision making by DA Senior Leaders in order to increase shared understanding and enhance collaboration throughout Department of the Army.

Mission Support Branch

Provides day-to-day mission support,integration, and synchronization of current and near-term ARCIC missions, tasks, and events.

Initiatives Branch

Leads planning and preparation for ARCIC forums, panels, briefings, and written products; and provides operational support to ARCIC leadership. Conducts special projects as directed.

Governance Branch

Plan, coordinate and conduct the F2025B Governance Cycle.