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#154 Extending the Battlefield

  • then General Donn A. Starry
  • March 1981
  • Military Review

"Rapid military modernization, the proliferation of advanced capabilities, including long-range precision missiles and advanced sensors, and their spreading into the hands of potential adversaries has resulted in a need for land forces to adapt to the diverse range of challenges we will face."

Dr. Albert Palazzo & Lt. Col. David McClain - MDB: New Concept for Land Forces

"Multi-domain battle is more than the ability to work in multiple domains. We already do this quite effectively in today's Air Operations Centers. It is also more than operations in one domain supporting or complementing operations in a [View Full...]

#153 Army showcases stealthy, hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

  • David Vergun
  • January 27, 2017
  • Army News Service


To execute operations in future conflicts, our Army must innovate to develop capabilities that enables us to accomplish future missions as part of the Joint Force. Innovation is the act or process of introducing something new, or creating new uses for existing designs. Innovation is not invention. To innovate, Army leaders drive the development of new tools or methods that permit Army forces to retain overmatch against determined enemies and adversaries. Moreover, successful innovation requires focused and sustained collaboration across the Army, the joint community, industry, academia, and other inter-organizational and multinational partners.

During future conflicts Army forces execute Multi-Domain Battle to ensure Joint Force freedo [View Full...]

#152 Objective Metropolis: the Future of Dense Urban Operational Environments

  • Jerome J. Lademan and J. Alexander Thew
  • June 2, 2017
  • Modern War Institue

Current assessments of the operational environment predict urban areas will challenge the ability of U.S. forces to operate cohesively, resupply, communicate, conduct reconnaissance, and achieve surprise. Densely populated areas with constricting topography and poor infrastructure, will make friendly vehicular and aerial movement more observable and easily disrupted for forces operating from or into these places. In this week’s professional reading, “Objective Metropolis: the Future of Dense Urban Operational Environments,” authors Jerome J. Lademan and J. Alexander Thew concur with current operational environment assessments and further predict, “cities of tomorrow will present new challenges where titanic populations and infrastructure density will c [View Full...]

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Extending the Battlefield

  • then General Donn A. Starry
  • March 1981

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