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Unified Quest

How The Army Fights Seminar

The purpose of the Unified Quest How the Army Fights seminar was to enable senior leaders to visualize and describe how the Army could fight in the future contested environment. The event took place at Fort Benning, GA on 24 February 2016. In the first stage, a Council of Colonels Working Group, consisting of more than 40 participants from across the joint, interagency and multinational community, reviewed and rehearsed the planned senior leader presentation. In the second stage, over 150 general officers, senior executive service civilians, command sergeants major, and other senior leaders conducted a discussion of the deep, close, and security fight in a scenario set in 2030. This discussion identified a series of challenges to the Army’s ability to Win in a Complex World presented by the scenario. This event was the first of an upcoming series of How the Army Fights seminars that will be tied to TRADOC Commander's Forums. Future seminars will focus on particular problem sets, gaps, capability implications, and actionable decisions.

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