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IAPD host German Armed Forces Command's Colonel Bohn

On 14 April, Colonel Bohn conducted his first visit to the senior German Army element here at Ft Eustis. After receiving an IAPD overview he also conducted a series of German to German discussions. Colonel Bohn's command covers all German Armed Forces personnel training or stationed in the US and Canada. Names in attached photo are from left to right: Mr Joe Patykula, Ops Chief IAPD; SGM Lutz Koys, German Liaison Office Staff; Mr. Wayne Kropp, Deputy, IAPD; LTC Ingo Beisse, German Army Liaison Staff Officer and deputy; Mr. Ted Melton, Director IAPD; Col Joachim Bohn, Cdr German Armed Forces Command, United States and Canada; Col Klaus Nebe, Senior German Army Liaison Officer to TRADOC; Mr, Heldur Liivak, Germany Program Manager; SGM Stefan Freitag, German Liaison Office Staff; and SSG Lisa Mola-Fernandez, German Liaison Office Admin NCO.

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