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Deep Future Wargame in 2030.

The purpose of the Deep Future Wargame was to determine how operational and organizational concepts perform within multiple scenarios across the range of military operations in 2030. Four regionally focused working groups wargamed scenario extracts through three phases of the operation within each respective campaign. A dedicated cell performed global, integrated operations to assess capacity of Army forces to operate during near-simultaneous operations. The Deep Future Wargame took place May 5-12 in Carlisle Barracks, PA. Concurrently with the Deep Future Wargame, a second wargame looked at the far future of 2050. The purpose of the Future Operational Environment Wargame was to enable Army leaders to understand, visualize, describe, direct lease, and assess future force development efforts. This event ran May 4-12. This seminar wargame looked at the characteristics of the future operational environment to identify gaps and opportunities to drive the development of the force of 2050. At the end of the wargames, a combined outbrief presented the initial insights derived from the games to the Chief of Staff of the Army and more than 40 other general officers and senior executive service leaders. These insights will be further developed in the next series of Unified Quest events.

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