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TRADOC hosted How the Army Fights Seminar II at Ft Eustis, Aug. 24

TRADOC hosted How the Army Fights Seminar II at Ft Eustis, Aug. 24. More than 90 senior leaders from throughout the command discussed the character of warfare in 2030 and how the Army could fight in that operational environment. The seminar began with a two-day council of colonels who explored the Movement and Maneuver functional concepts, employment in a realistic 2030 scenario to identify potential gaps and draft solutions to refine those concepts. The final day, general officers gathered in a forum hosted by GEN Perkins to provide senior leader insights on the concept gaps and solutions. HTAF is a scenario-based event that uses the draft Multi-Domain Battle White Paper and draft Army Functional Concept for Movement and Maneuver as the foundation for exploration of how the Army could operate as part of a Joint force at the tactical and operational levels. These seminars are quarterly events to advance understanding of how the Army will fight in the future.

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