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Unified Quest

Character of Future War Seminar

In November 2016, Unified Quest hosted a seminar to examine the character of war in 2035 in terms of required capabilities, attributes, concepts, and implications for the future operating environment. This event addressed comments the Army Chief of Staff made during a January 2016 Unified Quest event; he stated he foresees changes in the character of war, warfighting technologies, demographics, economics, and geopolitical conditions that will change the conduct of military operations. Results from the Character of Future War Seminar helps the Army develop a service-wide understanding that describes the 2035 operating environment, supports further refinement of Army concepts, and, when combined with the results of the December 2016 Human Performance Seminar, will provide future force attribute recommendations on three levels: the Army, small teams, and individual soldiers. Consolidated findings from the seminar will inform solution strategies to build the future force and develop a Vision of Future Conflict.

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