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Human Performance Seminar

The future operational environment, the changing character of war and how the Army will fight in 2035-2050 present challenges to future forces that may require new ways to recruit, assess, train, and educate Soldiers, leaders and civilians. The Army needs an understanding of the attributes future forces require to maintain overmatch in the physical, mental and moral components of human performance of land warfare. In December 2016, the Human Dimension Division, along with TRADOC's Future Warfare Division as part of Unified Quest, hosted the Human Performance Seminar to determine the human performance requirements given the anticipated future operational environment, and the demands placed on the force by Multi-Domain Battle and the Movement and Maneuver functional concept. The outcomes will inform future human performance seminars, engage Army social science researchers (ARI, ARL-HRED, etc.), and lead to revisions of the Human Dimension Concept and Strategy.

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