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UQ17 Core Planning Group

The third preparatory event for the UQ17 Deep Future Wargame, the "Core Planning Group," saw the development of operational approaches for three joint task forces which will examine how to create and exploit temporary windows of advantage, build and sustain resilient formations, and conduct operations in complex and urban terrain. An additional working group focused on solving anti-access/area denial problems. To prepare them for their tasks, all participants received information on multi-domain battle, the future operational environment, Army Functional Concepts, and scenario-based threats. The attendees used short situational training exercises (STXs) to familiarize them with friendly future formations and capabilities developed during the Future Force Design III workshop in late March, and how they might operate in a given situation. The participants will bring the results of the Core Planning Group event to the Unified Quest 2017 Deep Future Wargame in early May where the participants will examine how their work will inform the emerging Multi-Domain Battle concept and other concepts to assist Army leaders in making decisions about the future force and how to Win in a Complex World.

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