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Multi-Domain Battle

Multi-Domain Battle: Tonight, Tomorrow, and the Future Fight

To be ready for the next war, the U.S. Army and the other services must effectively innovate and adapt concepts, equipment, and training. The future battlefield will be one where integration into joint and multinational forces is a prerequisite for victory. To get there, we must establish a clear path to prepare the force for the fight tonight, tomorrow, and in the future. Multi-Domain Battle is key to getting the U.S. military into shape for that fight.

To put Multi-Domain Battle into action, the U.S. Army is committed to making considerable strides by the beginning of FY 2018. These achievements will include incorporating current capability with concept requirements, developing doctrine to guide today’s force, and detailing a full concept by which we can frame future discussions and efforts. By conducting this journey in stride with our partners in the Joint Force, we will ensure transparency, cohesion, and shared understanding. Ultimately, it is our intent that our future efforts will provide the conceptual foundation to design and field the most capable multi-domain combat forces and serve as a collaborative point of departure for shared initiatives across the joint force.

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