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New TRADOC G-9 'Engagement' Role

In October 2014, the Army Capabilities Integration Center's (ARCIC) Information Integration Directorate moved to the staff, as the "G-9," for ARCIC's senior command, the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). This expanded the organization's portfolio of ARCIC communications and outreach support to include broader TRADOC strategic engagement priorities. "The genesis in what is really an expansion in our mission came from the TRADOC senior leadership," said Mr. Rickey Smith, TRADOC Deputy Chief of Staff, G-9. He explained there was a question among leaders: How could TRADOC improve its output as an extension of the Army Staff supporting both the Secretary and Chief of the Army? Developing TRADOC G-9 was the answer. G-9 will help key decision makers and their staffs work with TRADOC to address mutual challenges and build a common understanding for how to address the complex environment in which Soldiers must operate. As the only TRADOC organization inside the national capital region, G-9 helps to ensure TRADOC remains effectively involved in the intellectual discussions shaping the Army.

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